Empowering The Chiropractic Patient Relationship


Individuals join AdjustTheVote.org for the purpose of direct communications with legislators and/or legislative candidates on issues important to the chiropractic community. Requests may be from the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), the ICA Political Action Committee (ICA-PAC) or an affiliate state or local association, through this website.

To participate on AdjustTheVote.org, you may volunteer as a member, either as a "Congressional District Director (CDD) or "Patient for Chiropractic Political Awareness (PCPA).

Membership descriptions are as follows:

Congressional District Director (CDD): A CDD is any chiropractor (including retired chiropractors) or a chiropractic student volunteering to write his/her respective congressional and/or state legislative representatives.

Patient for Chiropractic Political Awareness (PCPA): A PCPA member is any chiropractic patient or chiropractic supporter volunteering to write his/her respective congressional and/or state legislative representatives.

Terms and Conditions of Membership:

Participation is voluntary: A [CDD/PCPA] (subscriber) is by voluntary subscription only. A [CDD/PCPA] is a non-voting, non-office holding and non-dues paying membership category established by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), by Board resolution on June 28, 2005. The purpose of the subscriber/constituent network is to establish grass-roots communications with respective legislators, either state and/or federal, on issues important to the chiropractic profession, chiropractic patients and/or collaborating membership partners.

As a subscriber you agree to accept correspondence either directly or indirectly from the ICA, ICA Political Action Committee (PAC) and/or state or local ICA approved affiliates, through the AdjustTheVote.org website. If you agree with the issue or correspondence, you may forward the communication to your respective legislator or candidate, as requested. If you do not agree with the issue(s) as requested, you are under no obligation to advance the correspondence and may simply ignore the request.

Termination by subscriber: You may terminate your membership subscription at any time by simply deleting your file on this website.

Termination by ICA: The ICA may also delete you for any reason including any attempt to spam, misuse of correspondence and email contrary to any request and purpose of AdjustTheVote.org and/or any malicious attempt to disrupt the function and operation of this website.