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Free Care for Returning Veterans



Background and Purpose

Doctors of chiropractic from around the United States have answered the call to participate in a new initiative aimed at supporting America’s newest returning veterans with immediate access to chiropractic services, in addition to the limited programs officially available through the US Department of Defense. Out of a desire to serve and to fill in a vitally important health care gap, ICA doctors around the nation have extended an offer of care for one full year for any US military veteran returning from overseas deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq, at no charge. The concept was developed by ICA’s Southern Regional Director Dr. R.J. Kelly, who had initiated such a program in his own personal practice, with very positive results among veterans.


Participating doctors are encouraged to promote the program in their local communities. This can be done through local veterans’ organizations and civic groups like the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), The American Legion and USO. Also, ICA has been in contact with various veterans’ organizations and service groups, and is developing a protocol for this new program, as well as developing lines of communication to make sure that as many veterans as possible know that this initiative is up and running, and how to find a participating doctor of chiropractic in their area.

Finding an ICA Cares Volunteer

It’s easy to find doctors who are participating in this program via the ICA website at www.chiropractic.org (Search for a Volunteer Chiropractor). This directory will be kept updated as additional doctors join the volunteer ranks. ICA has developed a news format for use with the doctors’ local media to help inform eligible veterans of the availability of this service.

How to become an ICA Cares Volunteer

In early April, ICA put out a call to its members for volunteers. Over 70 doctors immediately stepped forward to volunteer one year of free care for veterans returning from active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. This corps of volunteers understands that this is not intended to be a practice growth initiative or ever have the appearance of such. If you want to volunteer, contact ICA by e-mail at lists@chiropractic.org (just provide your name, practice address, phone and web address, if any).